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4 Myths About Your Locksmith that Just Aren’t True

We live in the age of information. That is a sword that cut both ways. As much as you can pretty much find out anything you need to about what locksmiths do, there is also a good chance that you will come across some information that is simply not true. This doesn’t apply to just locksmiths; it applies to almost everything else online.

Since homestead security is one of the leading issues that cause great worry to homeowners, it is only natural that you would read up on all the possible downsides of hiring a locksmith. But for every locksmith myth, there is out there; you can rest assured that there is a counter-response that is both right and faith-restoring. Here are some common myths that you may have heard or read about locksmiths that just aren’t true.

All locksmiths are the same
This is one of the most common myths in any professional field. Just like most people assume all lawyers are sharks or all fitness trainers are muscle heads. Not all locksmiths are the same. For example, look at Fast Locksmith Vallejo CA – this company has a great website and services.  Since this is a field that requires technical expertise and know-how, it is only natural that you will find professionals who entirely different as far as the skill set is concerned. Yes, most locksmiths can deal with your common front door lock issues (provided you are not using military grade locks or anything of the sort). But when it comes to specialized fields such as safes and some extent, cars, you will need to find a skilled locksmith. Someone who has the experience, expertise, and tools to deal with whatever particular issue you may be facing.


Locksmiths keep copies of your house keys
Nothing could be further from the truth. Locksmiths are not in the business of collecting house keys or trying to retain access to your home. In fact, there are strict rules of conduct against this kind of behavior and any locksmith found guilty of this would be liable to losing their license. When you ask a locksmith to make a copy of your key, they give you back the exact number of copies you asked for plus the original key. In fact, the key copying process doesn’t typically take that long, and you can stay and watch just to make sure.

All locksmiths are available 24/7
It is easy to see how this myth came about because almost every locksmith chooses to be available for emergency calls. This business model wouldn’t make much sense if the professional only operated from 9-5 just like everyone else. After all, people do not get to choose the times between which they can lose their keys. Since lock-related emergencies can happen at any given time, it only makes sense that locksmiths should be on call 24/7. But you should never assume that your preferred shop will be open at any particular time of night or day. You just must find out if they do offer emergency services and if they are available throughout.

All locksmiths inflate their estimates/prices
Most people assume that handymen will typically raise their prices based on the kind of home or office they are called out to service. This is not true. Yes, it is possible that you could get a slightly erroneous estimate over the phone. But that only happens because the professional will be working on the kind of description they get and assumptions made. Sometimes, it is possible that these estimates might slightly change once the locksmith gets to the ground and thoroughly assesses the situation. However, the estimates will not vary that greatly, and the locksmith in question will give you a detailed explanation as to why the price has slightly changed. That, however, does not mean that they would be completely unwilling to honor the previous agreement.

You can save yourself lots of headache and anguish by just calling up your chosen locks professional and clarifying any given concerns that you might have about the kind of service they provide. It is unwise to make assumptions based on what you have read or heard someone say. Ask if your chosen company guarantees its work, if they are all certified and licensed professionals and if they offer emergency services just in case you need them again. Any professional will be more than happy to share this kind of information with you just so you both know what you are getting into once you commission any lock related work.

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