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Outstanding Lighting Fixture with Live Plants

Do you find it hard to grow a plant in your home? There may be several reasons for that, including darkness in your place. There is a great solution for you! Blog of LAComfy Discount Furniture Store told us interesting story about peculiar lamps.

Mygdal Lamp

What Is Mygdal Lamp?

The Mygdal lamp is an outstanding lighting fixture that comes with its own natural light, so a plant can grow inside it. Thanks to this lamp, you can have plants in your place and, moreover, you can put them in different parts of your home. There is a completely autonomous ecosystem, thanks to which plants are able to photosynthesize in different environments, even those that are not suitable for growing plants. Mygdal is available as a standing lamp or pendant light in two different sizes. The design of the lamps is appealing but the best thing about them is their self-sustaining that allow plants to grow in any room.

Mygdal Lamp is amazing

What Are Main Advantages of Mygdal Lamps?

There are many advantages of Mygdal Lamps, including:

  • Self-containedecosystems;
  • No tending needed;
  • Floormodelsavailable;
  • Different sizes of the lamp;
  • They are more stunning in a dark room;
  • Suitable for windowless rooms;
  • Suitable for a dark corner on the floor;
  • Look great on a covered balcony;
  • No need to water your plants.

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